Bar-M Village

Bar M VillageStep back in time to when the west was really wild and relive the days of the American Cowboy! Arrive early and experience breathtaking views, Gunfights, Games, Photo Area, Gift Shop and Saloon.

The Bar-M Chuckwagon is a great venue for School Groups, Conventions, Reunions, Weddings, Tour Groups, RV Groups, Clubs.

Guest Reviews

The Bar M Chuckwagon is a lot of fun. It’s exactly what I expected (perhaps even better) from an Old West shoot-out dinner show. The evening starts with endearingly hokey acting as the Sheriff takes on a couple of outlaws who moseyed into town. Then you head inside and eat your dinner off of a tin plate. After that the Bar M Wranglers play a fun, energetic show of country western tunes and comedy bits.

I think what makes the place feel so special is that the entire operation is so intimately run. The entire staff seemingly consists of the band and their family members. The same folks firing six-shooters at each other are serving you beans on a tin plate a minute later. Then they’ll hop up on stage and pick up their instruments after they’ve made sure that you’ve had your fill of chuck-wagon grub.

The food was very tasty. I cleaned my plate and washed it down with their lemonade. They allow you to get seconds or thirds, though you probably won’t need to. The servings are very generous.

The band was great. They’re very talented and put on a fun, family friendly show. You can tell they are having a good time and it is infectious. At points I kind of got the feeling they’ve been doing the same routine forever but it doesn’t affect the show negatively. It kind of has an old vaudeville vibe at parts.

I would definitely recommend The Bar M Chuckwagon as good clean fun while in Moab. Good food, good music, and a good time.
Tommy G. – Boston, MA